Issues of The Clarion out so far

Issue 1 (front page: Renationalise the NHS!) came out on 24 September 2016

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Contents include • Renationalise the NHS • Democracy for Labour women now, by Maria Exall • What should Young Labour do? by Rida Vaquas • Why junior doctors fight on, by Pete Campbell • LGBT Labour needs activism, by Josie Runswick • The problem with “anti-Zionism”, by Yoni Higgsmith • A democratic public banking service • Support the Ritzy strike • Stop the Labour purge! • 23 years in “special measures”, by Hattie Craig • Socialists and the early Labour Party, by Edd Mustill • The potential of Momentum, by Jill Mountford • Momentum: the story so far • Don’t bring back grammar schools, by Angela Rayner

Issue 2 (front page: Don’t let the nationalists win – Defend free movement) came out on 18 November 2016

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Contents include • Don’t let the nationalists win – Defend free movement, by Michael Chessum • New draft editorial statement • Against Trumpism: class politics, by Sacha Ismail • Reports: “Sheffield needs a pay rise” campaign, Lessons from Lewisham Deptford, Aydin Dikerdem elected in Wandsworth • Youth and students: Manchester Labour Students move left, by Emma Runswick, Luke Neal and Deej Malik-Johnson • Momentum Youth and Students report, by Josie Runswick • Picturehouses strike • Do we need a progressive alliance? Progressive or socialist? by Edd Mustill • The reality of the SNP, by Dale Street • From social movement to socialist movement – a reply to Paul Mason, by Nick Wrack • Momentum democracy: a timeline of the story so far • Disability and OMOV, by Janine Booth • Debate on Jackie Walker – Pete Firmin and Jill Mountford • Stop the Labour purge: reinstate Chris Marks, from Manchester TUC • Organising Labour in Northern Ireland, by Leonie Hannan • How do we defend education? by Anastazja Oppenheim

Issue 3 (front page: The Tories are starving our NHS!) came out on 13 January 2017. From now on The Clarion will be monthly

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Contents include • The Tories are starving our NHS, by a health worker • Building a new education system, by Sol Gamsu • Rail privatisation: blame Branson and the Tories, not the French and Germans, by Dan Jeffery • Defend freedom of movement statement • Help Labour win Copeland, by Ed Whitby and Tracy McGuire • What’s at stake in Stoke • Don’t give up on the fight for Momentum, by Jill Mountford • Democracy is a red line, by Josie Runswick • Momentum’s constitution isn’t even democratic, by Jamie Green • How significant is “fake news”? by Edd Mustill • Local Labour Party stories • Strikes should be celebrated, not apologised for • The inside story of Corbyn’s election – interview with Alex Nunns • Unite’s election a crucial battleground • Interview with Ian Allinson • Corbyn’s Maximum wage, or in praise of “totally idiotic unworkable ideas”, by Joe Davidson

Issue 4 (front page: Brexit is a weapon against workers – Fight the right-wing surge) came out on 17 February 2017

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Contents include • Brexit: fight the right-wing surge, by Sacha Ismail and Simon Hannah • Regionalised immigration controls? Stop Labour moving right of the Tories! • Stop Trump! by Michael Chessum • Inspiration and politics in the fight against Trump, by Rida Vaquas • The US workers’ movement and Trump, by Traven Leyshon • Canada’s Corbyn? Interview with Sid Ryan • Spinning the Momentum coup – a response to Christine Shawcroft, by Jamie Green • Momentum, democracy, socialism, by Suzanne Gannon • Migrants and the NHS, by Aneurin Bevan • Crunch time in Stoke, by Chris Spence • Feedback from Copeland • Labour and the Derby Teaching Assistants’ struggle, by Helen Clark and Callum Salfield • Labour right gaining ground, by a party conference delegate • Women, fighting back on every front, by Maria Exall • Minnie Lansbury: an example for Labour women, by Janine Booth • The socialist roots of International Women’s Day, by Rida Vaquas • Cinema workers’ fightback grows – interview with Kiv Legate and Kelly Rogers from the Picturehouse strike

Issue 5 (front page: Corbyn’s Labour at the crossroads) came out on 10 March 2017

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Contents include • Corbyn’s Labour at the crossroads, by Simon Hannah • Where next after the Momentum coup? by Sahaya James • Fight against education cuts in (Labour) Lewisham, by a Lewisham teacher and Labour activist • Derby teaching assistants’ fight, by Pete Radcliff • Tens of thousands demonstrate for the NHS – interview with Jacqui Berry • Labour MPs scoff at NHS demo • The story of the Stoke fightback, by a Stoke Labour activist • Socialist victories in Scottish Young Labour, by Emily Robinson • Brighton’s Labour left – a phoenix rising! by Mark Sandell • Wallasey homophobia charges dropped, by Wallasey Momentum • Trots = BNP? by Sacha Ismail • Corbyn’s crisis: time for the living to seize the dead, by Martin Thomas • Why Labour MPs should be on a worker’s wage, by Ella Thorp • Corbyn’s leadershp pledges matter, by EM Johns • McDonnell’s policies: not radical or democratic, by Sacha Ismail • Let’s talk about New Labour, by Ben Sellers • Some hard questions, by Ed Potts • Automatic reselection, automatic democracy, by Dan Jeffery • Defending free movement, by Hugh Lanning • Should Momentum have policy? James McAsh vs Jill Mountford • “Take Back Control” launches, by Daniel Rockman • A left-wing Labour Student in NUS: interview with Ana Oppenheim • Take over the banks, by Matt Wrack

Issue 6 (front page: Matt Wrack to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left: “Be bold”) came out on 8 April 2017

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Contents include • Go beyond the “10 pledges”, by Sacha Ismail • NPF undermines radical policy • Momentum dayschool: safe and respectable • Notts Momentum purges members, by Theodora Polenta • What should Momentum fight for – statement from Northern region • Getting young people together – interview with Sharifa Rahman • Harrow activists fight cuts, by Rosie Woods • “Durham lions” fight on, by Tracy McGuire • Bring Labour back onto the streets, by Martin Thomas • Expelled for opposing the free market! • Right tries to ban left-wingers, by Laura Ross • Wallasey AGM • Labour says support for RMT is out of order • Wimbledon CLP banned from criticising free school • “Be bold”: interview with Matt Wrack • Labour internationalists, by Simon Hannah • Corbyn and the Putin axis, by Omar Raii • We need a socialist housing program, by Pete Gilman • School cuts are part of a bigger picture, by Jade Baker • Nationalise the Big Six! by an energy worker • Fighting for security at work, by E M Johns • Labour and the self-employed, by Stephen Wood • Solidarity strikes and Labour democracy • Labour must lead the fight to save the NHS – interview with Alex Scott-Samuel • Transforming the world in the age of Brexit – interview with Deborah Hermanns and Holly Cook • Take Back Control of what? by Rida Vaquas • Young Labour gets going, by Daniel Round

Issue 7 (front page: Fight for a Labour victory – Build Labour into a workers’ party) came out on 12 May

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Contents include • Fight for a Labour victory – Build Labour into a workers’ party, by Kelly Rogers • Labour’s campaign launch, by Nik Barstow • Stand up for migrants • Local elections: a bad night, by EM Johns • A council budget for the many, not the few, by Richard Shield • Interview with West of England mayoral candidate Lesley Mansell • West Mids establishment leads Labour to defeat, by Daniel Round • Polls, politics and class, by Martin Thomas • Labour’s big Welsh problem, by Jamie Green • Reports from the general election campaign • Policies to fight inequality, by Cathy Nugent • Corbyn should not stand down! by Tom Harris • Labour needs vision, by Simon Hannah • Scrap ALL anti-union laws • We can turn the polls, by John McDonnell • McDonnell and Marx, by Simon Hannah • Cabbies for Corbyn • Teachers: fight for a Labour victory! by Pat Murphy • The National Education Service, by Sahaya James • Solidarity with Forest Hill School • Rallying young people to Labour, by Joe Davidson • Four manifesto proposals, by Rida Vaquas and Michael Chessum • Interview with Brighton Kemptown candidate Lloyd Russell Moyle • Expulsions update • Will Labour lose “because of Corbyn”? by Chris Reynolds • Tax the billionaires! by Gemma Short • The French left after the election • Updating our internationalism? by Sacha Ismail • Momentum, Grassroots Momentum, Red Labour reports • Young people and students for Labour, by Maisie Sanders

Issue 8 (front page: A huge chance to revive the labour movement – Organise) came out on 26 June

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Contents include • Organise, by EM Johns  • Build Young Labour groups • Housing is the key for Labour, by Maurice McLeod • Grenfell Tower Solidarity and campaigning demands • Marginal victory reports: Harrow West (Rosie Woods), Sheffield Hallam (Caroline Henry), Chester (Helen Gregory) • Get ready for party conference • Clarion motion on way forward • Corbyn is right to keep out the right, by Simon Hannah • No to more police, by Rida Vaquas • Blitz the Tory marginals!, by Pete Willsman • A Tory workers’ party, by Jamie Green • Labour needs worker candidates, by Kate Harris • “Representing workers” – interview with Hugh Gaffney MP • “A class movement to change society” – second part of interview with Matt Wrack • Corbyn’s contradictions on free movement, by Matt Bolton • Fight for Labour to defend free movement, by Lewisham Momentum • Labour’s manifesto: Corbyn finds his voice, by Sacha Ismail • Northern Ireland after the election – interview with Phil Kelly • No to Momentum’s youth purge • Put expulsions back on the agenda • Revive Momentum groups, by Jill Mountford • Support the sacked Picturehouse union reps! • Make Labour the party of strikes, by a rail worker and RMT activist

Issue 9 (front page: Join the fight for free movement) came out on 4 September

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Contents include • Join the fight for free movement, by Anastazja Oppenheim • Fighting for free education, by Hansika Jethnani • Against nuclear weapons! by Josh Chown • Sarah Champion, the Sun and sexual abuse, by Omar Raii • Labour, the single market and free movement: three responses, by Sacha Ismail • The cause of free movement belongs to the left, not the right, by Michael Chessum • 2007: the banks were bailed out, workers sold out, by Charlotte Austin • Leeds West backs banks nationalisation, by Dave Kirk • Three left motions going to Labour conference • Socialism or social democracy? by Rida Vaquas and Simon Hannah • The Norway model, by Dan Jeffery • Why you should read Parliamentary Socialism • What I’d like to see in Labour’s next manifesto for disabled people, by Anita Bellows • Is Corbyn throwing women under the “trans bus”? by Helen Rutherford-Gregory • Class is back – but what is it? by EM Johns • White lies and the working class, by Dan Jeffery • Are socialists welcome in Labour? by Steve Forrest • Ronnie Draper: fight expulsions • Northern Ireland Labour turmoil • Birmingham bins • Democratic Socialists of America burgeons – interview with Dan La Botz • Rally Labour to help the McDonald’s workers win! by Maisie Sanders and Gareth Lane • YOUTH PAGES: • Young Labour needs to change, by Rida Vaquas • Clarion dayschool for young Labour activists, by Prince Ndebele and Christie Neary • Bringing down the House, by Tom Zagoria • Stourbridge Young Labour report, by Andrew Tromans • Interview with a McDonald’s striker

Our Labour Party conference 2017 special issue (front page: Swing Labour behind strikes) came out on 23 September

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Contents include • Swing Labour behind strikes, by Obi Saiq • Lambeth Labour mobilises for sacked Picturehouse reps, by Stuart King • Help the McDonald’s workers win • Royal Mail workers ballot, by Anita Kennedy • Labour should champion free movement, by Ana Oppenheim • Stop expulsions! by Stop the Labour Purge and Red Labour • Strengthen Labour’s policies • Abolish the National Policy Forum, by Stephen Wood • Democratise Labour! Conference 2017 rule changes, by Simon Hannah • Build constituency YL groups, by Maisie Sanders • Our fire last time: lessons from Greece 2015, by Theodora Polenta • Labour, Brexit, Greece and the European left, by Marina Prentoulis • What happens when Corbyn takes office? by Robin Banks • Labour councillors need stomach for a fight, by Momentum Wandsworth • Fight the cuts, not your own workforce, by Pete Radcliff • “The left should be proud, but not complacent” – interview with Rhea Wolfson

Issue 10 (front page: Labour votes to scrap all anti-union laws) came out on 6 November

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Contents include • Labour votes to scrap all anti-union laws, by Ruth Cashman • Labour conference report: the world (partly) transformed, by Maisie Sanders and Sacha Ismail • John McDonnell welcomes Ukrainian miners to Parliament, by Chris Ford • Parliament and sexual abuse, by Rosie Woods • Behind Momentum’s NEC selection process, by Michael Chessum • Democracy review: learning from the past, by Simon Hannah • Why the left should support delegate GCs, by Maria Exall • Fighting to stop Haringey’s “HDV” sell off, interview with Phil Rose • Labour councils and cuts • Labour and housing after Grenfell, by Glyn Robbins • Labour needs a “radical program of action”, by Martin Wicks • The Russian revolution and us, by Steff Grainger • What it means to be a revolutionary, by Rida Vaquas • 1918: BSP calls for solidarity • Get your Labour Party to support the posties, by Nik Barstow • After the injunction, keep up the momentum! by a postal worker • The Single Market rules out nationalisation, by Danny Nichols • Release trade unions from their chains, by Maria Bagnall • Labour and pay restraint, by Chris Walentynowicz • CLPs build Picturehouse solidarity, by a Picturehouse worker • Chris Williamson MP on democracy, the economy and stopping expulsions (interview) • Radical democracy and 21st century socialism, by Janine Booth • Free education within our reach – Join the 15 November demo! by Sahaya James • Repression in Catalonia • YOUTH PAGES: • Young Labour policy conference report, by Alex Stuart • Labour should lead on free movement, by Nadia Whittome • Where is NUS? by Anastazja Oppenheim • Take the stress out of studying! by Joe Booth • Campaigning on mental health, by Andrew Tromans

Issue 11 will be out at the start of December 2017. More soon