Campaigning against the anti-union laws

At Labour Party conference last year, delegates voted unanimously for a motion to repeal not just the 2016 Trade Union Act but the anti-trade union laws introduced by the Tories in the 1980s and 90s – and to introduce positive legal workers’ rights. (For more, including the text of the motion, see here). However the party is not yet fighting for these policies. The task is to get them known and actively carried out.

Clarion activists are working to get discussion in the labour movement about the anti-union laws, how they are used, and what the next Labour government should do about them; researching the effect of the anti-union laws, documenting their use today, and delving into the history books to learn about previous campaigns against anti-union laws; and organising events around these issues.

On this page we will collate activities and articles about the campaign.

Support the statement

We are circulating this statement, initiated by Lambeth Unison, for union branches/organisations, Labour Parties, etc to discuss, sign and circulate to other branches, etc – see here for the text, a motion to propose it with, and an updated list of signatories.

Invite a speaker

For more information or to invite a speaker to your union branch, CLP, etc, email us at

Articles about the anti-union laws

Young Labour policy on repealing the anti-union laws/the right to strike (passed October 2017, published here March 2018)
Six arguments against abolishing all the anti-union laws – Six replies (March 2018)
The anti-union laws: acid test for a Corbyn government (January 2018)
A McStriker on why we must repeal the anti-union laws (January 2018, part of interview)
If Jeremy Corbyn wants a mass movement, he must radically revive the unions (January 2018, published in the New Statesman)
Repealing the anti-union laws: what Labour’s new policy says (December 2017)
Bob Crow and John Hendy on why we must repeal the anti-union laws (December 2017, republished from 1998)
Labour votes to scrap all anti-union laws – build a campaign (November 2017)
Young workers turned up for us – we must turn up for them (speech at Labour Party conference, September 2017)
Solidarity strikes and Labour democracy (April 2017)
What are the anti-union laws? Institute of Employment Rights timeline, 1979-2017 (2017) – for a briefer summary see also the section on ‘What are the anti-union laws?’ here


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