Forward Momentum sweeps elections for Momentum NCG

By Mohan Sen

Momentum reform group Forward Momentum has won all 20 seats elected by members on the Momentum National Coordinating Group.

The four seats reserved for and elected by public office holders (MPs and councillors) were all won by conservative left / Stalinist slate Momentum Renewal. It remains to be seen if Momentum Renewal will try to use the ‘fake seats’ on the NCG allotted to various organisations to gain advantage. It will be hard given how comprehensive their defeat is.

(Full results here. Candidates outside the two main slates did poorly. The turnout was 8,502, down from 13,307 in 2018 – see analysis from then here. Momentum has not stated the percentage turnout this time, but I think it is down from about 35pc to about 29pc, out of a smaller membership.)

This rejection of the conservative, demagogic and witch-hunting campaign Momentum Renewal ran is a good thing for the movement.

It at least opens up possibilities for changing Momentum.

Forward Momentum is a real mixed bag politically, with widely differing perspectives – even on what democratising the organisation means, let alone wider political strategy.

A serious debate about left strategy, demands and campaigning – which didn’t get very far during the campaign – is needed.

It is very positive that two comrades who endorsed Momentum Internationalists‘ socialist platform – Abbie Clark and Ana Oppenheim – were elected on the Forward Momentum slate. There were other politically strong candidates elected too. We were sorry to see Nadia Whittome MP, who supported the MI platform, narrowly lose out in the office holders’ section.

More information and coverage soon. Meanwhile, read this interview we did with Abbie Clark during the campaign: “We need democracy to push the party and leadership”.

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