Labour Party conference policy on Kashmir (2019)

This emergency motion was passed at Labour Party conference in September.

For comment on Keir Starmer’s attempt to move Labour away from this position and towards rapproachment with the Indian government, see here.



This conference notes:
• While we have been meeting here, Pakistan and India are discussing the issue of Kashmir at the United Nations as there is a major humanitarian crisis taking place in the Kashmir region and several exchanges of fire across the Line of Control have taken place.
• The enforced disappearance of civilians, the state endorsed sexual violence of women by armed forces and the overall prevalence of human rights violations in the region not only continues but has exasperated further in the past week.
• The house arrest / imprisonment of mainstream politicians and activists and restrictions on journalistic freedom.
• The ongoing communications blackout causing disruption for medical agencies and families not knowing the safety of their relatives.

The conference urges the Labour party to:
• Ask Jeremy Corbyn or ensure someone from the labour party is represented to attend the UNHRC to demand the restoration of basic human rights including the freedom of speech and communication, the lifting of curfews, and to allow the humanitarian aid organisation and international observers to enter the region.
• Jeremy Corbyn to meet high commissioners of both India and Pakistan to ensure there is mediation and restoration of peace and normality to prevent a potential nuclear conflict.
• Accept that Kashmir is a disputed territory and the people of Kashmir should be given the right of self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions.
• The Labour party to stand with the Kashmiri people fighting against occupation, this is vital as we stand for social justice and ethical foreign policy.

Mover: Leyton and Wanstead CLP
Seconder: Nottingham East CLP

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