May Day 2020 and fighting the anti-union laws: articles and resources

Greetings from The Clarion on International Workers’ Day 2020!

• We are supporting the call from the Free Our Unions campaign for people to take pictures supporting workers’ action for rights and safety and demanding the abolition of all anti-union laws. For the model poster produced by FOU, see here. Photos to Some examples below.

• For more resources on campaigning against the anti-union laws, see the Free Our Unions site. See also the page on our site that used to host Free Our Unions, particularly for a wide range of articles: here.

• Fire Brigades Union General Secretary Matt Wrack has published this article in the Morning Star: ‘Clap for key workers? Trying letting them stand up for themselves’

• Riccardo la Torre and Sacha Ismail have published this article on the FBU’s blog: ‘In the coronavirus crisis, do workers have the right to strike?’

Maria Exall, CWU London telecoms activist and Vice Chair of the Labour-affiliated trade unions organisation Labour Unions
Ben Selby, East Midlands rep on the Fire Brigades Union national executive council
Abel Harvie-Clark, NHS worker and youth climate striker

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