Demands of the Precarious Workers’ March, May Day 2018

On May Day 2018, a range of unions and workers’ campaigns organised a lively “Precarious Workers’ March” in London, which travelled around the city protesting at various workplaces. The demands of the march – which are more relevant than ever – are below, followed by some photos from the day.

These demands should be developed and promoted for the labour movement, including the Labour Party, to campaign around.


May 1st is International Workers’ Day. Join us for a day of celebration and action!

We are precarious workers, from cinema workers to sex workers; from drivers to cleaners. We are young, migrant and women workers. We are so-called unskilled workers, whose hard work enables society to function. We live in poverty, on low pay and crap contracts – and we are demanding:

• An end to exploitative contracts and poverty pay – give us guaranteed hours and enough money to live a decent life. Every worker deserves at least a Living Wage!
• Free movement and migrants’ rights – the penalty for standing up to your boss should not be deportation
• The decriminalisation of sex work – give us the right to organise for better conditions
• An end to trade union victimisation and repeal of the anti-union laws.

Join us on the May Day rally and for series of actions across central London. Bring banners, flags and friends!

Thanks to Kelly Rogers (on megaphone in the last picture) for the text and the photos

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