Why is a Labour council using the Covid-19 crisis to sack its entire workforce?

The following appeal is being circulated by activists in Tower Hamlets, East London. Please add your support using the link below.

Hi comrades,

As you know in four days time [13 April 2020] Tower Hamlets Council is sacking all staff in order to re-employ them on contracts overwhelmingly rejected by their unions.

Whilst unions have suspended plans to strike because of the COVID-19 Crisis, management are pressing ahead. We are therefore planning to send this letter to newspapers from 1.30pm today.

We have over a hundred signatures from across the London Labour Party — please would you consider adding your name?

Solidarity, Marc, Bethnal Green and Bow CLP Trade Union Liaison Officer

• You can add your name here
• For more see Tower Hamlets Unison



📢 BREAKING NEWS: Tower Rewards implementation has been suspended by the council – more to come but proud of our members!! 📢

CEO Tuckley announced suspension of the hated contract until Summer. We welcome the suspension but he’s got another thing coming if he thinks the council can bring this back in the summer.

We’re essential workers and we won’t be made cheap meat for future cuts

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