Momentum Labour leadership ballots: Vote No!

By Abbie Clark, Momentum Stevenage activist and Stevenage CLP Secretary

Momentum Stevenage held a meeting last week in which there was consensus that if our local group chose to endorse candidates for leader and deputy it must only be done following an open discussion accessible to all members.

When we received notice that the NCG had met and decided there would be a ‘Yes/No’ ballot and not an open ballot, members of our steering committee agreed that this was in direct contradiction to a democratic, grassroots, member-led movement; and that if we advocate for greater democracy in the Labour Party we must also demand it in Momentum. Therefore we have called on Momentum members to vote ‘No’ to both of the questions the NCG have proposed and only engage with the process if Momentum re-opens an open ballot.

Momentum Stevenage Steering Committee Statement on Momentum’s Leadership Ballot

The Momentum National Coordinating Group (NCG) today opened a ballot on whether its members support the organisation backing the Leadership Campaign for Rebecca Long-Bailey and the Deputy Leadership Campaign for Angela Rayner.

A Yes/No vote on decisions made by the NCG is not member-led democracy. As a grassroots movement, Momentum Members should be given a choice of who to endorse in a democratic ballot, without restriction.

We therefore call on Momentum Members to reject the NCG votes and submit a “No” vote to both questions. If No votes receive a majority, in either the Deputy or Leader elections, the NCG should immediately re-ballot all Momentum Members, making options available for all candidates.

If members wish to change their vote on this basis we are informed they are able to do so via the same online system.

Note this statement is not an indictment of either Long-Bailey or Rayner’s candidacies; Momentum Stevenage have not yet met to endorse either Leadership or Deputy Leadership Campaigns, as we will be doing so in an all-member meeting on the 31st January.

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