Vote Labour, fight to change the world

By Rida Vaquas

One of the most common objections I’ve got when talking about Labour’s policies is “Are they actually going to do it?” Or “Isn’t this a bit naive?” or “I don’t think this is possible”.

As we’ve all seen and heard, everything is horribly, brutally possible.

My response tends to be this: Labour’s best policies aren’t here because a couple of politicians thought it would play well with the electorate. They are there because of thousands of Labour party members got together and pushed the party forward, and it is these same members who are going to push a Labour government to carry out transformative changes across to UK.

When you vote for Labour, you’re not just placing your trust in Corbyn, you’re placing your trust in an entire movement, one you can be part of.

What we need is for people to have enough to eat, to have a roof over their heads, for people to be cared for when they are unwell, to make the space for each one of us to demand more for ourselves and for our friends.

A human life is so immeasurably beautiful and wondrous that there is no care that is too great for it, no effort that should be spared in dignifying it.

Vote with the homeless people who have borne the brunt of austerity. Vote for the migrants who can’t. Vote with those waiting in A&Es right now. Vote Labour and fight for a world in which no one is abandoned, accepted as collateral damage, or forgotten.

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