Labour Party Conference Arrangement Committee reports

Here you can find all the reports from Labour’s Conference Arrangements Committee to delegates, with information about what’s coming up on different days, final text of motions, votes that have taken place, etc. A new report comes out each morning, we’ll update as we get more.

#1 (Saturday 21 September) – include emergency motions, motions referred to places other than conference and rules changes.
#1 Appendix (21 September) – includes all ordinary motions submitted.
#2 (Sunday 22 September) – includes priorities ballot results, composites on schools, NHS, social care, and motions from Women’s Conference on migrant women and on the welfare state and women’s standard of living.
#3 (Monday 23 September) – includes composites on industrial strategy, insourcing, working hours, employment rights, Royal Mail, Yemen, foreign policy, Brexit, corporate governance, Green New Deal, high streets, homelessness, immigration, local authority cuts, mental health.
#4 (Tuesday 24 September) – includes more results and references back and emergency motions, plus composites on corporate governance, high streets, Green New Deal, local authority cuts, homelessness, housing.
#5 (Wednesday 25 September) – includes composites on local authority cuts, homelessness, housing, immigration, mental health.

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