All hail the Labour Campaign for Free Movement!

Thanks to the determined and remarkable efforts of activists in the Labour Campaign for Free Movement – and despite definite resistance from the party machine – the following motion will be discussed and voted on at Labour Party conference this week.

It seems likely to pass – though we wouldn’t rule out further chicanery. If it does, passing a motion only gets you so far, particularly in the Labour Party. But the progress this motion is part of should not be underestimated. Now the fight will continue on a higher level.

Since its foundation two years ago, but particularly in the last sixth months, LCFM has done incredibly important work. We are proud that Clarion supporters/ contributors have been involved in establishing and developing it, and that The Clarion has promoted it from the start (e.g. see here, from August 2017).

We look forward to seeing and contributing to LCFM’s further development and growth, as an essential part of turning the tide of anti-migrant politics.

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