Momentum backs 4 September demonstration for free movement

By a Labour migrants’ rights activist

Momentum is backing the Labour Campaign for Free Movement demonstration at the Home Office tomorrow, 4 September, to defend migrants and defend and extend freedom of movement, as well as opposing Boris Johnson’s right-wing, anti-migrant coup. This shows how momentum (sorry…) is gathering behind the fight for free movement and what promises to be a major and very important demonstration.

In December 2016 Momentum’s National Committee voted for a clear stance of defending and extending free movement. But a month later all the organisation’s democratic structures were abolished from the top down in what became known as the Momentum coup. Since then, the organisation nationally has been noticeably resistant to saying anything about this issue. In September 2017 a Momentum Members’ Council decided to campaign on free movement, but was ignored.

Momentum has presented itself as a pro-migrants’ rights organisation, but had little to say about opposing the biggest of many attacks on migrants’ rights in the context of Brexit – the push from the right to end free movement.

So this is a very positive step. Let’s build on it. First of all though, see you on the streets on tomorrow!

• Demonstrate from 6pm, Wednesday 4 September @ the Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, SW1P 4DF. Facebook event

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