Unite the Union, Labour and a Green New Deal

The following motion was passed by Nottingham Unite Community.

We call for our union to give strong support to Labour Party conference passing a radical motion for a Green New Deal.

There can and should be debate about specific demands, but it is clear that the working class, in Britain and internationally, urgently needs a radical programme of economic transformation, based on public ownership and democratic control, which can suppress carbon emissions while slashing inequality.

In particular, we support the calls included in motions to conference for net-zero carbon emissions by 2030; creation of millions of public, well-paid, unionised green jobs; a radical expansion of public ownership including the whole energy sector and banking and finance; free public transport; an end to airport expansion; repeal of all anti-union laws so workers can take action over climate issues; and internationalist measures to aid other countries’ climate transitions, as well as welcoming climate refugees.

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