Abolish academies! Labour, the National Education Service and our schools system (new Clarion pamphlet)

Following our successful Free Our Unions pamphlet first published last September, which helped launch the Free Our Unions campaign, The Clarion is bringing out a new pamphlet, on Labour’s schools policy and class struggle in education, on 3 July.

Contents include:

• Academies and school workers’ struggles
• The case against academies and free schools
• How the academy programme unfolded
• Fighting academisation: the national context
• Interview with Barclay school campaigners
• A National Education Service worth the name
• What is Labour’s policy and what should it be?
• The National Education Union’s policy
• A programme to transform education
• Fighting the testing regime, transforming school workers’ trade unionism
• Labour Against Academies

Contributions by John Burgess, Jade Baker, Jill Borcherds, Josh Lovell, Duncan Morrison, Kirstie Paton, Abel Harvie-Clark, Rida Vaquas, Barbara Plant, Dan Rawnsley, Patrick Murphy, Pat Markey.

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