Motions for Labour Party conference 2019 – Brexit, climate change, academies

The Clarion is promoting model motions for Constituency Labour Parties to send to the 2019 Labour conference (21-25 September, Brighton):

Stop Brexit, transform Britain and Europe (produced by Labour for a Socialist Europe, Another Europe is Possible and Open Labour)
Climate emergency – for a Socialist Green New Deal (based on the motion produced by Labour for a Green New Deal and demands put forward by the Fire Brigades Union conference)
Abolish academies: for a democratic, local authority-run schools system

See also the Labour Campaign for Free Movement model motion.

CLPs can submit one motion each – as long as they have not submitted a rule change – from now up till 12 noon on 12 September. The word limit is 250.

If you submit this motion, or want help doing so, drop us an email:

(For the motions we promoted last year, for information, see here. For the guidance we published then on submitting motions, see here.)

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