For a Socialist Green New Deal – motion for Labour conference 2019

We are promoting the following motion for Labour Party conference. It is adapted from the motion being promoted by Labour for a Green New Deal and the motion passed at the recent Fire Brigades Union conference – essentially adding the FBU’s demands to LGND’s preamble. We are confident the LGND motion will be submitted by numerous CLPs so we are hoping to add the FBU’s more radical policy into the mix when the motions are composited.

If you submit this motion, or want help doing so, drop us an email:

Constituency Labour Parties can submit motions from now up till 12 noon on 12 September. The word limit is 250.

The Clarion will also be promoting other motions for conference – more very soon. (For the motions we promoted last year, for information, see here. For the guidance we published then on submitting motions, see here.)


Climate emergency – for a Socialist Green New Deal

Conference notes:
1. To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must keep the global temperature increase below 1.5°C.
2. Over 1°C has already occurred, causing floods, droughts, heatwaves, pollution, and hundreds of thousands of deaths. Tackling climate change is indivisible from social, racial and economic justice.
3. 100 corporations are responsible for the majority of carbon emissions. The Tories are deregulating fossil-fuel industry while cutting support for renewables.

Conference believes:
1. Labour should build on support for the climate strikes and Extinction Rebellion by campaigning for a Socialist Green New Deal – demands for decarbonisation and transformation of the economy that attacks inequality while curbing global warming, based on public ownership, public investment and democratic control.

Conference calls on the next Labour government to implement:

A target of net-zero UK carbon emissions by 2030.
Creation of millions of public, well-paid, unionised green jobs.
Public ownership of energy including expropriating the Big Six, creating an integrated, democratic system. Large-scale investment in renewables, phasing out fossil fuels.
Public ownership of transport – expanded, integrated, free or cheaper.
A public program manufacturing, installing and training in renewable technologies and eliminating waste. Mass insulation and building and retrofitting zero-carbon council housing and public buildings.
A workers-led ‘just transition’ from high-emission jobs to alternatives; public investment guaranteeing communities and living standards.
Democratic public ownership of banking and finance, providing resources and economic leverage.
Ending airport expansion.
Repeal of all anti-union laws, so workers can take action over social and political issues including climate change.

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