Nia Griffith must resign

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Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn on Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith

Dear Jeremy Corbyn,

We the undersigned wish to register our profound disappointment with Nia Griffith’s support for the government’s proposals to grant members of the armed forces immunity from prosecution. This flies in the face of any semblance of a commitment to basic human rights or the rule of law. It also undermines Labour’s development of a just foreign policy. The current Labour leadership is distinguished by its long-standing commitment to peace and principled opposition to warmongering.

Nia Griffith’s statement commits Labour to a stance that only legitimates the most reactionary elements of British society, exemplified by the recent mobilisation in defence of ‘Soldier F’. Labour must reaffirm its commitment to the application of laws to all, including those in uniform, as well as recognise the human rights of all people in Britain, Ireland and around the world. We expect our shadow defence secretary to reflect this standpoint too, which we know represents the outlook of our members and progressive-minded people across these islands. We wish for the NEC to discuss and clarify the party’s stance. We believe that Nia Griffith must resign as she can no longer credibly represent the party. If she does not, the leadership must take action.

Yours Sincerely…

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