Honour Bob Crow: fight to repeal the anti-union laws!

RMT rail and transport union general secretary Bob Crow died five years ago, on 11 March 2014.

Crow’s politics were very different from and even opposed to The Clarion‘s on many issues, but he stood out from many other union leaders as a principled socialist and militant.

One issue on which Bob Crow was principled and militant was the fight to repeal the anti-trade union laws. He was central to a series of campaigns and initiatives on that issue – a legacy from which we have taken inspiration in building the ‘Free Our Unions’ campaign. There can be no doubt that he would have supported Jeremy Corbyn – while vocally calling for him to take a stronger stand on this.

The best way to remember and honour Bob Crow is to build a stronger and more aggressive labour movement, and in particular to fight to repeal the anti-union laws. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour can honour his memory as well as serve the interests of the working class by committing to that demand.

Below Crow explains why repealing the anti-union laws is so essential (from the 1998 pamphlet Reclaim Our Rights – Repeal the Anti-Union Laws).

To buy the Free Our Unions pamphlet explaining the campaign, with an introduction from the last RMT president, Sean Hoyle, click here.


“The first task of the trade union and labour movement is to reveal the truth about these laws…

“In order for the unions to fulfil the purpose of maintaining and improving the conditions of their members’ working lives, unions have to have the legal freedom to operate. That means they must demand that the anti-union laws are repealed.

“No doubt the demand for repeal will draw contempt, criticism and scare stories from the press. But the arguments in favour of repeal and replacement are formidable and irrefutable. Furthermore, the movement has its own culture, history, images and analysis which are as persuasive as anything the media can create.

“More importantly still, if the movement does not go on the offensive with its ideas and vision, there is left a void which is filled only by the ideas and vision of its enemies.

“The demand for replacement of the anti-union laws must be pressed whether or not it is approved of by Mr Murdoch and his media empire which has such a formidable influence on Mr Blair. There is no reason for the labour movement to feel that it should not make demands of the Labour Government. That is its job!

“The labour movement should pursue a campaign for repeal and replacement with enthusiasm and energy. The movement has faced worse laws before and overturned them. Those familiar with labour history will know of the incredible achievements of getting the Trades Disputes Act 1906 [which established the legal immunities for strikes and industrial action largely destroyed in the 1980s] onto the statute book and getting the Industrial Relations Act 1971 [a test run for Thatcher’s anti-union laws] off it.”

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