Articles and analysis on Labour Party conference 2018

For all 30 articles and reports The Clarion has published so far in connection with Labour conference 2018, including commentary on a wide range of policy issues and debates, see here.

Labour conference 2018: shifts left, but machine consolidates, by Rick Parnet
What The Clarion did at Labour Party conference
Democratic reforms: what conference agreed
Shareholders of the world, unite!, by Simon Hannah
The text of Labour’s Brexit composite
Labour conference demands abolition of academies, by a teacher and conference delegate
Respect Labour’s conference policy on union rights!, by Denise Christie
What I found at the Progress conference rally, by Rebecca Lawrence
Clarion conference bulletins
Clarion model motions for Labour Party conference 2018

Plus have a look at:

The anti-Brexit Left: a critical appraisal, by Urte Macikene (on New Socialist)
• For loads of good analysis and material from the conference, including most of the documents, our friend and contributor Dave Levy’s blog (scroll back to older posts, particularly p2 and p3)

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