Are you suffering from Stalinism?


By Simon Hannah

There has been a little resurgence of a terrible blight called Stalinism in some parts of the labour movement. Some people deny this is the case, but others are clearly beginning to suffer what what is being called Stalinoiditis.

Here are the symptoms you might have if you have caught Stalinoiditis:

1. Unconditionally supporting dictatorships like Assad and wishing that we had a ‘strong man’ leader

2. Providing left cover for TU bureaucrats (for instance in the UCU recently)

3. Opposing freedom of movement on the grounds of socialism in one country outlook (same with Lexit, obsession with regeneration of British industry by British capitalism, etc – all classical Stalinist positions)

4. Threats of violence against others in the movement (pictures of icepicks, intimidation at meetings – treat a Trotskyist like you would treat a fascist, etc)

5. Soft soaping historical Stalinism, undermining left criticisms of Stalinist regimes as a “joke” which actually is intended to pave the way for rehabilitation of Stalinism

6. Looking at tanks wistfully and having photos of Soviet military hardware on your phone

7. Acting really ‘working clarsss’ and going on about hanging paedophiles like what working class people do, whilst also trying to finish that Post-grad/Phd you have been doing.

You may also find yourself attracted to certain forms of behaviour that are reminiscent of 4Chanitist, a similar problem on the far right.

Do you say and do Stalinist things whilst claiming it is only a joke, or that you can’t be criticised for it because it is a joke, just a joke?

Do you find yourself doing ironic in-group hand signals that only the initiated get like the ‘finger of vigilance’?

Have you started calling people you don’t like ‘Trotskyites’?

Do you call things ‘operation icepick’ or look at icepicks and feel a strong urge to hold one?

Help is available, contact us and help stop the contagion!

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  1. An irrelevant ‘insider’ contribution that in its level of analysis matches that of Boris Johnson. The Russian revolution was 100 years ago and the Soviet Union died before so many political activists were born. This type of tired input just makes the Left look ridiculous without adding anything to debate or discussion. Rather than formula politics we could do with analyses that adequately explain political activity and behaviour. I am only sorry that I am not up to the task myself, but I certainly would not use up limited political available time on childness when there are so many important political tasks to be done.

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