Free Our Unions: a pamphlet from The Clarion

An activist pamphlet from The Clarion magazine by Janine Booth, Simon Hannah and Sacha Ismail. Design by Kelly Rogers. First published September 2018. Foreword in early editions by RMT National President Sean Hoyle; foreword in later editions by FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack (see PDF below).

Contents include:

• Union rights: what Labour conference policy says
• The impact of the anti-union laws
• The labour movement we need
• What the laws say
• The history of anti-union laws and resistance
• Winning the arguments
• An acid test for Corbyn’s Labour

Plus resources and ideas on building campaigning for repeal of the anti-union laws and strong trade union rights; and thought-provoking/inspiring quotations from John McDonnell, Shen Batmaz, Maria Bagnall, Matt Wrack, John Hendy and Bob Crow.

You can read the pamphlet as a PDF here (July 2019 edition).

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