Strengthening Labour’s education policy

By Dave Levy, Lewisham Deptford CLP

Labour Party Conference is just two months away and so I am considering what I would like to see discussed. I think it important that we workout what a National Education Service means and so I with some help from some friends have developed the following words.

Conference notes
1. That the government continues to promote privatisation of the schools system through academies and free schools, with a culture of competition based on ever-more onerous testing and Ofsted inspections. This is bad for students, school workers and society.
2. Our manifesto pledge to “ensure that all schools are democratically accountable…
3. Our manifesto pledge to “abandon plans to reintroduce baseline assessments and launch a commission to look into curriculum and assessment, starting by reviewing Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs”

Conference believes that “public”/private and grammar schools are also incompatible with an egalitarian and democratic education system serving the many, not the few.

We call for the next Labour government to

1. Immediately stop all academisations and the opening of any new academies or free schools.
2. Place all state schools & FEs into full local authority control
3. Abolish “public”/private schools by taking them into local authority control.
4. Ensure all schools are comprehensive, secular community schools, open to all.
5. Immediately abolish Ofsted, all SATs tests and league tables.
6. Restore national pay bargaining for teachers, implement the National Education Union’s maximum class size demands, and introduce a national Workload Charter.

196 Words – it will need to be amended with contemporary references, because motions to Labour Party conference must refer to an event between the publication of the National Policy Forum report and the 14th September. (How all this works is explained here and here.)

Motions need to be 250 words long or less. So if you think I’ve missed anything important add or replace some of the demands and we’ll put them together at the composite meeting. If you get this through your CLP drop a comment on this blog.

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