Get your CLP to put policy to this year’s Labour conference

**For our 2018 model resolutions – on climate change, Brexit, schools, council cuts and welfare – see here.**

From 6 August to 13 September, Constituency Labour Parties can submit “contemporary resolutions” (policy motions) to Labour Party conference (which takes place 23-26 September, Liverpool). They cannot submit until then because current Labour Party rules say that resolutions refer to “contemporary events”, with the starting deadline this year set as 6 August.

For a full guide to how contemporary resolutions work, see here. Note that CLPs can only submit a contemporary resolution if they have not submitted a rule change (constitutional amendment) this year. CLPs can also decide to revoke their rule change in favour of submitting a contemporary resolution.

Last year The Clarion promoted model contemporary resolutions on freedom of movement (working with the Labour Campaign for Free Movement and Another Europe is Possible), nationalising the banks and trade union rights. The first was not debated because Brexit was not prioritised and the second was ruled out of order, but the last became the basis of a very important policy passed by the conference – see here.

This year we will be promoting a version of the Another Europe is Possible resolution on Brexit and also circulating our own model motions on three issues where Labour policy urgently needs strengthening:
• Restoring all the funding councils have lost since 2010 and re-establishing publicly provided local services
• Reversing all cuts to benefits and ensuring a generous, liveable welfare system
• A democratic, public schools system, including abolishing all academies

We will publish and circulate draft texts very soon, although for reasons explained above the final versions will be not be available until after 6 August.

If you want to get your CLP to submit a resolution, you have three options:
• Pass a version at a meeting in July and empower your CLP exec to amend it in August before submitting
• Hold a meeting in August, after the 6th
• Hold a meeting in September, before the 13th

If you would like help submitting a resolution to your CLP or any other advice on this, get in touch:

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