Stop Brexit – motion passed in Noel Park ward, Hornsey and Wood Green

The following motion was passed at Noel Park ward and will go forward to Hornsey and Wood Green CLP (Haringey, North London).

By a margin of one, members removed the line “We reject alliances with other political parties to stop Brexit”. The general view behind this was that Labour might want to ally with eg the Greens – not advocacy of lashing up with eg pro-EU Tories.


This branch notes
1. Research commissioned by Queen Mary University London shows that 78% of Labour members are in favour of Brexit being stopped or a referendum on the final deal.
2. That Labour policy on Brexit remains unclear, including on the issue of free movement between the EU and the UK.
3. The Tories have refused to debate the details of Brexit and are determined to proceed with it under all circumstances.

1. Brexit will be a disaster for working class people. Only a strong Labour Party that seeks to shift power from the rich to the working class can fight to stop it.
2. Labour’s vision for Europe should be a positive one of solidarity and raising of living standards for working class people.

1. Labour should come out in favour of stopping Brexit and challenge austerity on a cross-European basis.
2. To call for a referendum on the final deal with the policy of remaining in the EU if the deal is rejected.

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  1. What dreadful capitalist humbugs you lot are.

    On the same blog you have stuff about nationalising banks and utilities – entirely unlawful under EU law and Single Market law, due to EU provisions repealable only by common accord of the Member States (i.e. never gonna happen).

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