After Carillion: take back the contracts, reverse privatisation – emergency motion for Labour Parties

Please put this motion in your ward Labour Party/CLP. Let us know if you’ve passed it by emailing


Carillion collapse: reverse privatisation!

Following giant construction and services firm Carillion’s collapse:

We call for the next Labour government to definitively stop and reverse privatisation and outsourcing and to nationalise the big public sector contracors, eg G4S, Serco, Capita. Meanwhile we call for, and call on our party to campaign for:

• All Carillion’s contracts to be taken permanently back into the public sector, and the government to provide councils and other affected public bodies with adequate funding to make this possible with no cuts to services.
• No job losses, pension or other cuts, an end to casualisation and low-pay, much better terms and conditions, and the replacement of autocratic management with democratic control by workers and public authorities.

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Some supporting links

Carillion fiasco: what the labour movement must demand, by Rose Jones (detailed analysis with lots of facts and links)

The company that runs Britain is near to collapse. Watch and worry, by Aditya Chakrabortty

Redefining Corruption – Public Polling on attitudes to PFI, Liverpool University

Blacklisting, workers rights, and privatisation: ‘The day we challenged Carillion’


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