Who Momentum is backing for the Young Labour national committee

As we reported before it happened, on 17 December Momentum held a meeting in order to decide the candidates it will back in this year’s elections for the Young Labour National Committee (which will take place by a ballot of all young members). About twenty Young Labour activists of the forty who were invited attended.

Our editor Sahaya James, who had put her name forward for the position of NEC rep, was not selected. The candidates selected are as follows. Once again, as with the meeting itself, there is an issue of transparency – the movement should know what is being done in its name. There is more to say about the process and politics but for now we limit ourselves to this basic information.

If you have any questions, get in touch with Rida Vaquas, the Clarion editor and Momentum NCG member who reported back from the meeting: ridavaquas@gmail.com


Chair: Leigh Drennan

NEC Representative: Lara McNeill

BAME Officer: Mohammed Abraar

Women’s Officer: Fatima Diriye

LGBT Officer: Alistair Craig

Disabled Members Officer: Ellen Morrison

Under 19s Officer: Lauren Stocks

Ordinary Rep: Annie Maloney

Ordinary Rep: Joe Bradley

International Officer: Marcus Barnett

Regional Representatives

South East: Charlie Mower

West Midlands: Minesh Parekh

North East: Kate Dove

East of England: Jess Barnard

Yorkshire and Humber: Connor Fisher

North West: Sarah Doyle

London: Will Sheret

East Midlands: Alex Nowicki

Wales: Emily Owen

South West: (unfilled at meeting, position is reserved for women)

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