Report of 2 December Momentum NCG meeting


By Rida Vaquas, Momentum NCG and Clarion editor

This is going to be quite a brief summary of decisions taken at the last Momentum National Co-ordinating Group meeting on December 2nd. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me (

  1. Momentum is going to be organising for the Young Labour elections that are going to be taking place in February 2018. To decide the candidates that Momentum will be supporting, there will be a meeting of 40 Young Labour activists, including young members of the Momentum NCG, young trade unionists who are Momentum Members, Labour Muslim Network, and Momentum members on Young Labour National Committee, the regional boards and National Policy Forum representatives.
  2. A timetable has been agreed for Momentum National Coordinating Group elections in 2018. Nominations will open at the beginning of February and results will be announced at the end of March.
  3. There was a discussion about the selection process for the next round of National Executive Committee elections, where Momentum works with other organisations in the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA), to decide candidates. It is likely to be similar to the process that took place for the three new NEC places, in which Momentum members could make an application, and were shortlisted and interviewed by a group of NCG officers. Momentum candidates would then be argued for at a CLGA meeting.
  4. There was discussion about the last Momentum Members Council and outcomes from that. There has been work around making input into the party’s Democracy Review more open and participatory. It was raised as a matter of concern that a Momentum member was informed that they could not attend the Members Council taking place in December, only ten days prior to it taking place, and with a lack of clarity about their status in Momentum.
  5. The NCG agreed to continue the work Momentum has been doing promoting workers’ rights and supporting industrial disputes in mobilising solidarity. The National Co-ordinator Laura Parker laid out a programme of work planned with the Bakers’ Union.

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