NEC elections: vote Lansman, Garnham and Dar!

The Labour Party National Executive Committee elections are underway.

There is a right wing challenge from ‘independents’ Eddie Izzard, businessman Gurinder Singh Josan and Johanna Baxter.

They are making out they are above the factionalism of the Labour Party, but their website is run by anti-Corbyn Labour First. Izzard says he has what it takes to bring Labour into the 21st century because he has run 70 marathons. Great work, Eddie.

The left slate agreed by Momentum’s leadership and the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) is Yasmine Dar, Rachel Garnham and Jon Lansman. It is absolutely essential that those three are elected to the NEC.

Readers will be aware of our disagreements with Lansman and Momentum’s leadership over their underhand and undemocratic behaviour imposing a ridiculous constitution on the organisation and refusing to provide solidarity for socialists expelled from Labour. But in the interests of furthering the cause of the left we have to come together and ensure they are elected by a wide margin.

Recent victories at national and regional conferences should not lull people into a false sense of security – the right are organised and biding their time for their come back.

Electing the Momentum slate to the NEC will help consolidate recent gains and stall a resurgence of the right.Any criticisms we have of Lansman and co. can be dealt with after the election.

Let us know what you think? Write a reply?

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  1. The only logical thing to do is to vote for the Momentum slate. I’m into the 20th month of my suspension, with no end date or hearing, and so surely it’s even more necessary to vote for the slate. But, now it’s come down to actually voting, I’m wavering, I find it very difficult to believe that JL is going to be part of efforts to, for example, disband Compliance. In fact, the opposite – because of the anti-Semitism issues the signals I get are that JL is probably against radical reform of disciplinary processes. It’s difficult …

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