Lewisham members forced to vote again – left wins again

As we reported a few days ago, Lewisham Deptford is the latest CLP in which the Labour right has tried to overturn the democratic will of members for a left-led CLP.

We are pleased to report that this attempt is being pushed back: on the evening of Friday 24 November Brockley ward, which had had its CLP delegate elections overturned by Labour’s London Region, held new elections in which the left triumphed once again – 20 delegates to 6, the same margin as before.

The ousted branch chair who last time allowed the private recount which provided the pretext for London Region to intervene was not re-elected as a delegate.

Lewisham Deptford activists are now fighting for the region to set a new date for the CLP AGM – and insisting there should be no more tricks, that the clear wishes of the membership should be respected.

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