Edinburgh Central motion in support of BiFab occupation

By Vijay Jackson

Edinburgh Central CLP unanimously passed an emergency motion in support of the workers of BiFab at its meeting on Thursday 16th November, following on from the STUC, GMB and Unite demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament earlier that day. The left also won a clean sweep of nominating all three NEC candidates as well as a new delegate place to the Edinburgh LCF. This follows on from earlier victories such as nominating Richard Leonard for Scottish leader.

Here is the motion. Please put similar in your CLP, in Scotland and beyond!


Emergency motion: Support the #BattleForBiFab!

Edinburgh Central CLP notes
1. The over 1,400 workers of Burntisland Fabrication (BiFab) are facing potential redundancy as their company is at risk of entering administration.
2. BiFab is a crucial part of Scotland’s industry, manufacturing heavy machinery for the oil and gas sector, and platforms for offshore wind turbines and tidal generators.
3. The workers of BiFab have occupied their yard and are staging a work-in to complete their current contract.
4. The workers are calling upon the Scottish Government to intervene to prevent BiFab from entering administration, for example through bailout or nationalisation.
5. STUC, GMB and Unite have launched a campaign, the Battle for BiFab, to support the workers in this aim.

Edinburgh Central CLP believes

1. Labour is the party of workers, founded by and fighting for the labour movement, and should lend our assistance to the struggle of BiFab workers.
2. Not enough is being done to tackle climate change, and such a critical component of the renewable energy sector cannot be allowed to collapse. Only our class is capable of truly tackling the challenges we face.
3. The workers are justified in taking matters into their own hands, and demonstrating the agency of the working class to own and exercise real power over their lives and conditions – an integral part of democratic socialism.

Edinburgh Central CLP resolves
1. To send a message of solidarity to the workers of BiFab.
2. To promote the campaign among members and on social media.
3. To mobilise support for future picket lines and protests.
4. To call upon our representatives in Holyrood to place pressure on the Scottish Government to intervene.

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