Labour NEC election: Support the Momentum-backed slate

The Clarion supports a vote, CLP nominations, etc, for the three official Momentum-backed candidates, Jon Lansman, Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham, in the upcoming election for three new places on Labour’s NEC.

As the recent article we published by Michael Chessum makes clear, this is not because we are happy about the process by which left candidates for the NEC are chosen. It is certainly not because we have no political disagreements or criticisms.

We understand why some comrades will disagree, but we think the priority in this election is for the left, however inadequate, to win all three seats. In the situation as it is, supporting other candidates will undermine that goal.

• For more on the election, see the Momentum website.

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  1. But what exactly is the DIFFERENCE between these three comrades and the Labour Right?

    Will they actively pursue a planned economy based on public ownership?

    Will they actively oppose any international deal which compromises the ability of a Labour government on state aids and nationalisation?

    Will they campaign on the NEC in favour of the mandatory reselection of Labour MPs?

    Will they campaign on the NEC to abolish the Blairite National Policy Forum and instead redesign Annual Conference as the sovereign policymaking body?

    If not, then please spell out why precisely these people are preferable the Labour Right. Rather reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, this article does not actually seem to give us much reason why they should be elected – barring the rather meaningless suggestion that they are (somehow) of “the left”.

  2. Are you really that clueless?! Of course they will back the Labour Manifesto to the hilt, unlike the supposedly independent, moderate, centrist, Neoliberal Right-Wing that simply wants to undermine Jeremy Corbyn at every turn. You could just stop pretending to be naive and carry on backing the right-wing of the party, whatever the supposed benefit to your fellow man/woman.

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