The Clarion at Labour Party conference 2017

The Clarion‘s first issue came out for Labour Party conference 2016; in Brighton this year we will be selling our new special conference issue as well as our recent issue 9.

We will be running a live conference blog – check back on this site soon – and producing a joint bulletin with Red Labour.

We will be supporting work by various campaigning organisations in the party, including the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, the Labour Campaign for Free Movement and Stop the Labour Purge. We have a speaker at the Stop the Labour Purge fringe meeting on Sunday 24th. We are doing everything we can to promote the motions we got submitted on trade union rights and freedom of movement (unfortunately the one on nationalising the banks was ruled out of order) as well as other left-wing motions.

Our young comrades will be promoting and building links for setting up campaigning Young Labour groups.

We will be collecting money for the Picturehouse dispute and raising support for other workers’ struggles.

If you’d like to help with any of our work at conference, or just come and chat to us there, get in touch: or ring 07796 690 874

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