Clarion issue 9 out 4 September

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Contents include • Join the fight for free movement, by Anastazja Oppenheim • Fighting for free education, by Hansika Jethnani • Against nuclear weapons! by Josh Chown • Sarah Champion, the Sun and sexual abuse, by Omar Raii • Labour, the single market and free movement: three responses, by Sacha Ismail • The cause of free movement belongs to the left, not the right, by Michael Chessum • 2007: the banks were bailed out, workers sold out, by Charlotte Austin • Leeds West backs banks nationalisation, by Dave Kirk • Three left motions going to Labour conference • Socialism or social democracy? by Rida Vaquas and Simon Hannah • The Norway model, by Dan Jeffery • Why you should read Parliamentary Socialism • What I’d like to see in Labour’s next manifesto for disabled people, by Anita Bellows • Is Corbyn throwing women under the “trans bus”? by Helen Rutherford-Gregory • Class is back – but what is it? by EM Johns • White lies and the working class, by Dan Jeffery • Are socialists welcome in Labour? by Steve Forrest • Ronnie Draper: fight expulsions • Northern Ireland Labour turmoil • Birmingham bins • Democratic Socialists of America burgeons – interview with Dan La Botz • Rally Labour to help the McDonald’s workers win! by Maisie Sanders and Gareth Lane • YOUTH PAGES: • Young Labour needs to change, by Rida Vaquas • Clarion dayschool for young Labour activists, by Prince Ndebele and Christie Neary • Bringing down the House, by Tom Zagoria • Stourbridge Young Labour report, by Andrew Tromans • Interview with a McDonald’s striker

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