Motion on freedom of movement, passed by Tooting CLP

The following motion was passed by Tooting CLP in South London to go to Labour Party conference in September, with the agreement that the CLP executive would amend it to make it “contemporary” (for how motions to the conference work, see here).

Defend free movement – proposed by Simon Hannah

Conference notes

1. Immigration has made a hugely positive economic, social and cultural contribution to the UK
2. A recent study has shown that many people who voted for Brexit were motivated by anti-immigrant feeling. Now, Brexit negotiations are starting on the basis that freedom of movement is a problem.
3. Freedom of movement isn’t just a one way street – it allows people from Britain to travel to the EU to work, study or live which is a real benefit.

Conference believes

1. Labour should be the party of all workers in the UK, wherever they were born.
2. Giving ground to anti-immigration views will only strengthen the nationalist right further.
3. That immigration is not the cause of stagnating wages, services stretched to breaking point or the housing crisis. Deliberate policies on behalf of the government and employers are.
4. That we must tactfully but firmly challenge the idea that immigration is a problem with bold pro-working class policies that can win support for an agenda of solidarity and hope against the dominant mood of scapegoating and fear.

Conference resolves

1. To stand strong and fight to defend and extend freedom of movement and migrants’ rights.
2. To protect migrants’ rights, workers’ rights, social provision and environmental protections
3. To highlight the benefits of freedom of movement overall
4. Campaign to unite communities to win increased resources in order to guarantee decent homes, services, jobs and workers’ rights for all.

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