How you can help the Picturehouse strikers win

The Picturehouse strike is entering a crucial phase, with the workers building links at more and more cinemas but management going on the offensive. They have sacked four union reps at the Ritzy, in South London, where the strike began.

There will be more strikes soon. Please do everything you can to help the dispute win.


For political background on the dispute, see the interview we did with two of the sacked reps (at that point not yet sacked) in Clarion issue 4, here. (They are right, we need to get Jeremy Corbyn to a picket line!)

For the general website of the Picturehouse workers’ campaign, with links to materials on the individual cinemas, see

For links to all the Facebook groups for campaigns by workers at the individual cinemas, see here. To contact local support groups, see here.

For the campaign to get the four sacked union reps reinstated, which also has lots of useful more general campaign resources, see

If you have any questions or requests, email via here.


These are low paid workers, raising money for their strike fund (and to support the sacked reps and win their reinstatement) is very important.

For fundraising resources and information including the crowdfunder for supporting the sacked reps, the union strike fund, a collection sheet to collect at meetings and more, see here.

Please also consider organising a fundraising event, benefit gig, etc.


For a model motion for your union branch, Labour Party, etc, see here.


To get in touch and invite a speaker to your meeting, fill in the form here.


Workers and supporters have called a National Day of Action to support the strike and promote the boycott of Picturehouse and Cineworld cinemas on Saturday 29 July. Please organise an action in your area. More information here or get in touch.

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