Haringey protests against Labour council’s privatisation plan

By a Haringey Labour activist

Hundreds of Haringey residents protested outside the council on 3 July against its plan to implement a Haringey Development Vehicle – a plan to transfer millions of pounds of council estates and community facilities to a private company over the next 20 years.

This will make rent more and more unaffordable and exploitative, and push more and more people into poverty and homelessness, all so that private companies can reap more profit and drive more working class people out of the area.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a local protest like this, so large vibrant and energetic! And there are families and people across all age ranges out on the street right now fighting against being ripped off by private companies and for affordable housing.

This is how we fight back against austerity! The vote went through but the fight continues.

“Stop stop the HDV”
“Hands off our homes and our communities!”

• For a detailed report of what is going on with the HDV from April, see here.
• For more in the Guardian on 3 July, see here.



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