Rule change for Labour Party conference: end the purging of socialists

The Stop the Labour Purge campaign is promoting a rule change (constitutional amendment) for Constituency Labour Parties to submit to Labour Party conference, to be heard in 2018. It seeks to end the situation where the Labour Party machine can expel people for belonging to socialist organisations within the party, under a rule which if read literally would allow members or indeed supporters of any non-official Labour political organisation (Momentum, Progress, Greenpeace, CND…) to be thrown out.

You can read the rule change, an explanation of it and how to get it submitted on the STLP blog here.

In addition to basic considerations of justice, ending the purging of socialist groups is essential to a much wider fight to break the power of the Labour bureaucracy and democratise the party.

The deadline for CLPs to submit rule changes is 7 July 2017!

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