Post-election motion for Labour Parties – please put in your branch/CLP

Please put or adapt this motion to put it in your Labour Party. Let us know if you’ve submitted/passed a version of it:


This Labour Party notes

1. That on 8 June we won nearly 13m votes, almost as many as 1997 and otherwise the highest since 1966. We gained almost as much as in 1945, with the biggest proportional increase since 1922.
2. That we are rapidly gaining support and members.

… believes

1. That this was possible because of our expanded membership and a manifesto which inspired millions, particularly young people.
2. That the Tories are weakened, but they will not fall automatically. To oust them we need active campaigning to oppose their plans and fight for our policies to strengthen workers’ rights, tax the rich, restore social provision, cut inequality, and expand public ownership and democratic control.
3. That we need to
• draw more members and supporters into activity and campaigning; build local Young Labour groups.
• use this enthusiasm to renew trade unionism, particularly among young workers, building on inspiring struggles like the Picturehouse Living Wage strike.
• ensure a democratic party in which members are treated with respect, including by ending the arbitrary and unjust exclusion of left-wing activists and suspension of local parties.
• oppose plans for a hard Brexit, defend free movement.

… resolves

1. To congratulate Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership, and call for our PLP to get behind them.
2. To campaign on the above basis, supporting and mobilising for demonstrations, protests and picket lines.
3. To launch local campaigning for a £10/h minimum wage, banning zero hours contracts and strong workers’ rights.
4. To help young members set up a constituency YL group.

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