Vote Labour, not SNP! Scottish candidates and activists respond to the Guardian

This letter was sent to the Guardian in response to an editorial which came close to backing the SNP.

At this election, there is a fundamental choice before us. It is a choice between a decrepit Conservative government which will continue its crusade against public services and low- and middle-income workers, or a Labour party which has put forward a radical, costed programme for government. This is a choice that extends across the UK. The Labour manifesto amounts to a lot more than merely an anti-Tory option. It is a blueprint for a better country. The SNP is not the progressive force in UK politics many south of the border mistake them for. This is summarised by their erstwhile “radical” stance on reserved issues, including their stance of opposing further cuts to welfare, while refusing to match Labour’s proposals to oppose austerity by taxing the rich and big business. The SNP cannot feasibly win the general election given that the maximum number of seats they can win is 59. They instead claim to be a “strong voice for Scotland”. All the SNP can deliver is further parliamentary theatre and not the changes people across the UK so desperately need and deserve. Only Labour is campaigning to form a government that will put the interests of young people, low-paid workers and pensioners before the interests of big business.

Everything, including vote share, will be used to measure Labour’s success in an increasingly tightly fought campaign. Labour’s performance during this short election campaign has been uplifting and energetic. Scottish Labour’s candidates are disproportionately fresh faces inspired by Corbyn’s message, and all Scottish candidates stand on the same manifesto the Guardian enthusiastically endorsed last week. We believe that those in Scotland who desire a fairer society should vote Labour.

Neil Findlay
Labour MSP for Lothians
Laura Dover Labour PPC Kilmarnock and Loudoun
Helen Mcfarlane Labour PPC Airdrie and Shotts
Cara Hilton Labour PPC Dunfermline & West Fife
Angela Feeney Labour PPC Motherwell and Wishaw
Christopher Rimicans Labour PPC North Ayrshire and Arran
Paul Sweeney Labour and Co-operative PPC, Glasgow North East
Lesley Brennan Labour PPC Dundee East
Alan Cowan Labour PPC Dundee West
Matt Kerr Labour & Co-op parliamentary candidate, Glasgow South West
Rhea Wolfson Labour PPC for Livingston, Labour NEC CLP Rep
Carol Mochan Labour PPC for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock
Monica Lennon Scottish Labour MSP, Central Scotland
Cllr Joe Cullinane Labour leader of North Ayrshire council
Cllr Bill Butler Glasgow city councillor (Garscadden/Scotstounhill); Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn CLP
Cllr Eva Murray Glasgow city councillor (Garscadden/Scotstounhill); Glasgow Anniesland CLP
Cllr Davie McLachlan South Lanarkshire councillor (Hamilton North and East); Hamilton Larkhall and Stonehouse CLP
Cllr Brian Gordon Dundee city council
Cllr Georgia Cruickshank Dundee city council
Cllr Margaret Richardson Dundee city council
Cllr Helen Wright Dundee city council
Cllr Kevin Keenan Dundee city council
Cllr George McIrvine Dundee city council
Cllr Michael Marra Dundee city council
Cllr Richard McCready Dundee city council
Tommy Kane Almond Valley CLP
Liam Gleeson Chair, Scottish Young Labour
Lauren Gilmour Scotland rep, Young Labour national committee
Una Walker Chair, East Dunbartonshire CLP
Martyn Cook Chair, Scottish Labour Campaign for Socialism
Evelyn Ann Wilson Chair, Hamilton Larkhall and Stonehouse CLP
Keith White Chair, North East Fife CLP
Stan Crooke Glasgow Shettleston CLP Secretary
Ewan Gibbs Glasgow Southside CLP
Stuart Graham Inverclyde CLP
Paul Inglis Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Aiden O’Rourke Scottish Labour Young Socialists secretary, Unite Young Members committee
Vijay Menezes-Jackson Edinburgh Southern CLP
Dorothy McHugh Dundee CLP
Derek Hansen Midlothian CLP
Emma Cavendish Dumfries and Galloway CLP
Mark Gallagher Rutherglen CLP
Mo Hitchcock East Kilbride CLP
Andrew Hitchcock East Kilbride CLP
Laura McDonald Aberdeen Donside CLP
Ian Watson Edinburgh SW CLP
Robert Moore Paisley CLP
Charlie Malone Dundee
Steven Edmondson Glasgow Southside CLP
Nathaniel Blondel Chai, Glasgow University Labour Club
Siobhan McCready Greenock & Inverclyde CLP, TULO Campaign for Socialism
Chris Roarty Motherwell & Wishaw CLP
Andrew Bustard Coatbridge & Chryston CLP, Scottish Young Labour campaigns officer
Sean Smith Eastwood CLP
Emily Robinson Scottish Young Labour, Edinburgh Central CLP
Declan McLean Strathkelvin & Bearsden CLP
Keiran O’Neill Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn CLP
Innes McGarry Clydebank & Milngavie CLP
Eunis Jassemi-Zargani Strathkelvin & Bearsden CLP, Scottish Labour Students BME officer
Michael Hendry Hamilton Larkhall and Stonehouse CLP
Tom Bird North East Fife CLP
Richard Rawles Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP
Kathryn Kelly Kelvin CLP
Martin Lennon Rutherglen CLP
Liam Thomson Glenrothes CLP
Mike Falconer Vice-chair, Tranent Branch East Lothian LP
Bruce Whitehead Edinburgh West CLP
Catherine Flanagan Paisley CLP
Gillian McNay Motherwell and Wishaw CLP
Lorcan Mullen Dundee CLP
Chris Young Edinburgh Northern & Leith CLP
John Reilly Chair, Hamilton Labour Party
Jack Taylor Scottish Labour, Young Socialists membership officer, Edinburgh Central
Alan Falconer Midlothian CLP
Tricia Duncan Chair, Perth and Kinross Labour party
Robbie Duncan Perth and Kinross CLP
Lucy Grig Edinburgh Southern CLP
James Richardson Glasgow North West CLP
Peter Higgins Glasgow Southside CLP
David Higgins Stirling CLP
Angus Macleod Western Isles CLP
Charles Gillies Glasgow Cathcart CLP
Maria Fyfe Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn CLP
Patricia Ferguson Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn CLP
Derek Auld East Lothian CLP
Lewis Macleod Aberdeen Central CLP
Alannah Ainslie Edinburgh Central CLP
Finlay Archibald Treasurer, Aberdeen Central CLP, Disabled members officer Scottish Young Labour
Euan Stuart Glasgow Central CLP
Ian Elrick Treasurer, Strathkelvin & Bearsden CLP
Bob Shaw Eastwood CLP
David Weller Professor of General Practice, University of Edinburgh
Ronnie Scott Secretary, Kilmarnock & Irvine Valley CLP
Irene Martin Glenrothes & Central Fife CLP
John Cork Glasgow Southside CLP Secretary
Craigie Watson Orkney CLP
Maurice Frank South Queensferry
Nina Reeve Women’s officer, Hamilton Larkhall and Stonehouse CLP
Marlyn Glen Dundee CLP
Laurie Bidwell Dundee CLP
Grace Walker Dundee CLP
Marc Winsland Dundee CLP
Stephen Massey Dundee CLP
Douglas Thain Dundee CLP
Pat Page Dundee CLP
Mason Rowan Youth officer, Ayr CLP
Kevin Hutchens Angus North and Mearns CLP
Scott Rogers Almond Valley CLP
Jess Galloway Women’s officer, Glasgow Southside CLP
Ben Proctor Vice-chair Eastwood CLP
Conor Boyes Glasgow Kelvin CLP
Anne Dean Eastwood CLP
Alex Nisbit Ayr CLP
John Gillespie Glenrothes CLP

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