Clarion issue 7 is out

Clarion issue 7, our general election issue, came out on 12 May. You can download the PDF here. You can subscribe or buy copies to distribute here.

Contents include • Fight for a Labour victory – Build Labour into a workers’ party, by Kelly Rogers • Labour’s campaign launch, by Nik Barstow • Stand up for migrants • Local elections: a bad night, by EM Johns • A council budget for the many, not the few, by Richard Shield • Interview with West of England mayoral candidate Lesley Mansell • West Mids establishment leads Labour to defeat, by Daniel Round • Polls, politics and class, by Martin Thomas • Labour’s big Welsh problem, by Jamie Green • Reports from the general election campaign • Policies to fight inequality, by Cathy Nugent • Corbyn should not stand down! by Tom Harris • Labour needs vision, by Simon Hannah • Scrap ALL anti-union laws • We can turn the polls, by John McDonnell • McDonnell and Marx, by Simon Hannah • Cabbies for Corbyn • Teachers: fight for a Labour victory! by Pat Murphy • The National Education Service, by Sahaya James • Solidarity with Forest Hill School • Rallying young people to Labour, by Joe Davidson • Four manifesto proposals, by Rida Vaquas and Michael Chessum • Interview with Brighton Kemptown candidate Lloyd Russell Moyle • Expulsions update • Will Labour lose “because of Corbyn”? by Chris Reynolds • Tax the billionaires! by Gemma Short • The French left after the election • Updating our internationalism? by Sacha Ismail • Momentum, Grassroots Momentum, Red Labour reports • Young people and students for Labour, by Maisie Sanders


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