Expelled from Labour for opposing the free market

By Rosie Woods, Harrow Momentum chair

A number of left-wing activists have been expelled or suspended from Harrow Labour Party. The case of one young comrade, Jack Halinksi-Fitzpatrick, is instructive.

Jack is a supporter of Socialist Appeal (whose website discusses the case in more detail). Responding to the court case brought by Jack, the Labour Party specifically and explicitly cited Jack’s socialist ideas:

“Support for Socialist Appeal, irrespective of whether it is a proscribed organisation, is sufficient to warrant expulsion… one of Socialist Appeal aims [is] consigning the market economy to the dustbin of history. [Labour] recognises the importance of the ‘enterprise of the market’ and the ‘rigour of competition’ to a dynamic economy and a the value of a ‘thriving private sector’.”

This is not the first time that people’s ideas have been cited to justify expulsions: Workers’ Liberty members have been told the organisation’s “program and principles” are incompatible with Labour membership. But this is abundantly clear: everyone who opposes the rule of the market and supports some kind of socialist alternative – very possibly a majority of the party membership – is at risk!

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  1. “Rightwingitis” is rife (and when was it not?).

    I went to my Momentum meeting, expressed the desire to replace the domination of the transnational corporation, and was told to join a revolutionary communist party instead, and that Labour is and should remain a right-wing reformist party. So I was told to hop it. Yes, at a MOMENTUM meeting. And before the coup too!

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