Appeal: Support The Clarion!

This appeal from Momentum National Coordinating Group members Rida Vaquas and Sahaya James was distributed at the Momentum event in Birmingham on 25 March. Please circulate widely. It is available in downloadable/printable form here.

For the new issue of The Clarion, number 6, out on 7 April, see here.

Dear brothers and sisters,

We’re writing to ask you to subscribe to, support and get involved in The Clarion.

The Clarion is a new socialist magazine for and by Labour and Momentum activists which was launched at last year’s Labour Party conference. A print issue comes out monthly, supplemented by a widely-read online blog.

We publish reports from activists around the country, analysis of events and struggles and comprehensive discussion of the issues facing our movement. It plays an irreplaceable role in carrying reports in what is going on in the Labour Party around the country – as shown by our recent exclusives on the left victories in the new Brighton CLPs and in Oxford East.

It openly debates the big issues and tackles controversial questions on the left. It is explicitly and proudly socialist. It stands for a thinking, questioning, debating, democratic and campaigning labour movement and left.

The magazine is already supported by a wide range of people in terms of geography, sphere of activity and political views on the radical left of the Labour Party and Momentum. It involves experienced campaigners and people new to the left: many of both are young activists.

At a difficult time and potentially major turning point for our movement, the role The Clarion is starting to play is vital. Please help us play it better, and use the magazine to strengthen your networks, activism and debates too.

Some things you can do:

Subscribe, as an individual or organisation, or buy extra copies to sell.
• Invite a Clarion speaker to your Momentum group, Labour Party, union branch, Labour Club, etc.
• Meet up with us to discuss getting involved in the project.
• Submit a report or article (or a proposal for one) or let us know if you’d like to write something.
• Share and circulate updates from our blog, our Facebook page and our Twitter.
• Make a donation, to help support our work.

Please feel free to get in touch about any of these things or with any questions or ideas.

In solidarity,

Sahaya James and Rida Vaquas
Members of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group

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