Has the Momentum office given up on trying to expel people expelled from Labour?

The new Momentum constitution and guidance issued with it strongly imply that those who are not members of the Labour Party will cease to be Momentum members on 1 July 2017. A number of prominent supporters of the new constitution publicly affirmed and approved this, though Momentum NCG member Christine Shawcroft commented on social media denying this would be used against left-wingers expelled from the Labour Party.

Now there seems to be a further move in that direction. The message below was received by a Momentum activist recently expelled from Labour who wrote in to the office to ask for clarification:

“You will not be automatically be kicked out from Momentum after the July 2017 cut-off and you will still be able to attend meetings regularly. I understand the constitution will be used more as a legal basis for the NCG to act against those who actively campaign against the Labour Party. Were the NCG to review your membership at any time then you would be informed and would be given a chance to make representations to the NCG. There is no indication that the NCG plans or is inclined to making such a review at this time.

[Name redacted]
Team Momentum”

There are obviously a number of ambiguities in this statement, deliberate or not; we should push for further public confirmation and clarification.

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