Statement in support of striking Derby School Support Workers

If you are Labour Party member, affiliated trade unionist or Socialist Society member, or Momentum member, please sign below.
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We, the undersigned Labour Party members and affiliated trade unionists, support the Derby school support staff, members of Unison, in their campaign and industrial action against pay cuts of up to 25 percent.

We call on the whole Labour Party and labour movement to show solidarity with the school support workers. We call on Labour’s NEC to send representatives to sit down with Derby’s Labour council and urge them to reverse the conditions imposed on their workers.


Move this motion at your Party or affiliated union organisation


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Signed (all unless otherwise stated in a personal capacity)

Matt  Wrack, General Secretary, FBU
Ian Hodson, National President, BFAWU
Ronnie Draper, General Secretary, BFAWU
Cllr Chris Spence, Newcastle-under-Lyme CLP, CWU
Cllr Ruth Rosenau, Stoke South CLP, Community
Cllr Christopher Robinson, Chair Stoke South CLP, Unison
Cllr Ilyas Aziz, Nottingham East CLP, UNISON
Andrew Berry, UNISON National Labour Link Committee, Islington North CLP
Ruth Cashman, Branch Secretary Lambeth UNISON, Wandsworth Momentum
John Burgess,Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON, Edmonton CLP
Joe Attard, UCU Exec member, Southwark CLP
Chris Bright, Convenor, Southwark Momentum
Jeremy Drinkall, Lambeth Schools Convenor, Camberwell & Peckham CLP, Unison
Helen Winfield, Broxtowe CLP secretary, ASLEF
Bill Haylock, Hexham  CLP Secretary
Crissy Hughes, Stoke South CLP Secretary, UNISON
Anjona Roy, Northampton CLP Secretary, Northants County UNISON Labour Link Officer
Stephen Wood, Labour Link Officer, Hillingdon LG Unison, Hayes & Harlington CLP, UNISON
Steve Forrest, GMB President X58
Sahaya James, Momentum NCG/ NUS/ NCAFC
Zack Morrell-Dowson, Bristol YL LGBT rep, Bristol North West CLP
Duncan Morrison, Assistant Divisional Sec, Lewisham NUT, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Ellen Morrison, Br Sec Unite Community, SE London, Lewisham East CLP
Andrew Peak, Oxford Uni Labour Club
Pete  Radcliff, Secretary, Broxtowe Momentum
Astrid Richardson, Women’s Officer, Wimbledon CLP
Kelly Rogers, BECTU
John Strittle, TULO Officer, Vauxhall CLP, Unite
Liz Yeates, Chair, Leics Momentum
Will Yong, Campaigns Officer, South Camberwell BLP CLP
Christine Rimmer, Branch vice-chair, Broxtowe CLP, UNISON
Dean Kirk, LRC Chair Hull, Hull West  & Hessle CLP, UNISON
David Mack, Wrexham CLP, UNITE
Louis Smyth, Holborn and Highgate CLP, UNISON
Janet Bryan, Bolton SE CLP, UNISON
Philip Lewis, Camden Branch UNISON Vice Chair UNISON Regional Health & Safety Comm. Vice Chair Unison NHSC, Hornsey and Woodgreen CLP, UNISON
Jon Woods, Chair Portsmouth City Unison and Portsmouth Trades Council, UNISON
Ellis Tansley, TULO officer, Broxtowe CLP, Unite
Andy Thompson, Bham Edgbaston CLP, Unite
Patrick Bonner, Brent North CLP, Islington GMB
Steven Burgess, Blackley & Broughton CLP
Caroline Cerney, Brentford & I? CLP
John Pickard, Brentwood and Ongar CLP
Matthew Jones, Cathcart CLP
Toby Abse, Chelsea & Fulham CLP
Lorcan Whitehead, Colchester CLP
Tracy McGuire, Darlington CLP
Mick Brooks, Ealing/ Southall CLP, Unite
Mark French, Enfield Nth CLP, Unite
Philip Foxe, Enfield Southgate CLP
Jay Humphreys, Erewash CLP
Sam Gorst, Garston, Halewood CLP
Josh Chown, Guildford CLP
Alex Stuart, Guildford CLP
Stan Keable, Hammersmith CLP
Nick Rogers, Haringey CLP
Gareth Murphy, Holborrn & St Pancras CLP, Unite
Ben Towse, Hornsey Wood Green CLP
Ana Oppenheim, Islington North CLP, NUS National Executive
Colin O’Driscoll, Labour International CLP
Jamie Green, Lambeth CLP
P Inglesant, Lambeth CLP, UCU
Joan Twelves, Lambeth CLP
Fran, Lambeth CLP
Harry Stannard, Leciester CLP
Andrea Burford, Leicester East CLP, Unite
Rebecca Lawrence, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Bill Walther, Lewisham Deptford CLP
Kath Price, Nuneaton CLP, BASW
Alan Bull, NW Cambridgeshire CLP
Heather Skipstead, NW Cambridgeshire CLP
Jean Watson, NW Cambridgeshire CLP
Rida Vaquas, Oxford East CLP, Momentum NCG and Grassroots Momentum committee
Duska Rosenberg, Richmond & Twickenham CLP
Stuart Miller, Rugby CLP
Graham Bash, South Thanet CLP
Jackie Walker, South Thanet CLP
P Stygal, Southend East CLP
Soraya Laurence, Southwark CLP
Mick Kennedy, St Ives, Cornwall CLP
Anna Tatton, Staffs Moorlands CLP
Richard Bruekdorfer, Sth Bedfordshire CLP
Ruben De Dios, Tower Hamlets CLP
Joseph Lynn, Tower Hamlets CLP
Simon Radford, Tower Hamlets CLP
Sam Gisagara, Unite CLP
Liam Cooper, Vauxhall CLP, Lewisham Unison
Cathy Augustine, Wantage CLP, Unite
Gwynne Reddick, Wantage CLP, Unite
Norman Wood, Wantage CLP, Unite
Daniel Platts, Wentworth & Derne CLP, Unite
Carel Buxton, West Ham CLP
Linda Laurie, West Ham CLP
Roger Silverman, West Ham CLP, NUT
Mark Bygraves, Witham  CLP
Judy Atkinson, Hounslow Momentum
Robin Altwark, Liverpool Momentum
Pat Anderson, Greenwich Momentum
Jason Hall, Medway Momentum
Claire Harris, Northants Momentum
Ritchie Hunter, Liverpool Momentum
Julia Jenner, Medway Momentum
Mike Kenward, Medway Momentum
Jo Land, Darlington Momentum
Sharon Prendergar, Northants Momentum
Elizabeth Ramsden, Sandwell Sth Momentum
Gemma Short, Haringey Momentum
Ed Whitby, Northern Momentum, Momentum Grassroots committee
Carlos Solo, BECTU
Cathy Nugent, NUJ
David Ball, Barnet Unison
Stephen Carlill
Daniel Davison-Veccione,
Terry Gallaghy, USDAW
Matthew Green, Unite
Elaine Knott, Derby CLP, UNISON
Ellie Leatherland, Ashfield CLP
Jay Humphreys, Erewash CLP
Kieran Owen, Newark CLP
Helen Henry, Broxtowe CLP
Laura Cameron, Broxtowe CLP
Martin McGinley, Bolsover CLP, GMB
Dora Polenta, Rushcliffe CLP
Paul Martin, Rushcliffe CLP, GMB
Neill Grant, Derby South CLP
Phil Gunn, Gedling CLP, UNISON
Michael Teece, Gedling CLP, UNITE
Mick Sidaway, Waveney District LP
John Boyd, Bury North CLP
Liam J Liburd, Sheffield Hallam CLP
Sheila Ravnkilde, Branch GC delegate, Broxtowe CLP
Luke Neal, Teaching Assistant, Marple Hall School, Stockport, UNISON
Vicki Morris, Chair Univ of Nottm Unison branch, VP Notts TUC, Notts Momentum, UNISON
Dr Joseph Baxter, Branch Secretary Beeston Central & Rylands, Broxtowe CLP
Anthony Carroll, Stockton North CLP
Jed Bland, Mid Derbyshire CLP, UNITE
Nicol Hutley, UNISON
John Illingworth, Gedling CLP
Mick Kennedy, St Ives CLP, UNISON
Joyce Donn, Retired former councillor Nottingham, Nottingham East CLP, UNISON
Matt Davies, Broxtowe, CLP, UNISON
Paul Swift, Unison Rep to Broxtowe GC, Broxtowe CLP, UNISON
Susan Allen, Croydon Central CLP, UNITE
Andrew Coupe, Ashfield CLP
Caterina Lai Cullinane, Peckham Rye Branch CLP, UNITE
Karina Denise Bell, Derby North CLP
Edith Dyas, Shrewsbury CLP, UNISON
Rachel Steele, North East Derbyshire CLP
Joe Baxter, Pentlands CLP, UNISON
Cath Ryde, Bolton West CLP, NUT
Morag Cumming, Nottingham East CLP, UNISON
Rosie Jarrett, Nottingham East CLP
Michael Whitehead, Gedling CLP, UNITE
Elaine Beck, City of Chester CLP
Gillian Reynolds, Staffs Moorlands CLP
Craig Fraser, Trade Union Liaison Officer, Cheltenham CLP, UNITE
John Tester, Guildford CLP, GMB
Rose Bulfin, Bolsover CLP, UNISON
Paul Hope, Hexham CLP
Terry Reilly, Erewash CLP
Martine Wynne, South Shropshire CLP
Gill Corless, South Thanet CLP
Keren Gilfoyle-Mcgroarty, Broxtowe CLP
Rachel Bannister, Broxtowe CLP
Madeleine Buxton, Bury South CLP
Kevin Dilworth, Sefton Central CLP, UNITE
Yvonne Parmenter, Derby North CLP, Community
Mandy Graham, Leicester West CLP, UNISON
Callum Salfield, Chesterfield CLP, UNITE
Lindsey Smart, Tynemouth CLP
Yvonne Robinson, Worcester CLP, UNITE
Tina Yemm, Nottingham East CLP
Paul Bosworth, Northampton CLP, CWU
Rob Peutrell, UCU Branch Co-Chair Central College Nottingham, Nottingham East CLP
Clare Brown, Broxtowe CLP
Deloris Walsh, Colne Valley CLP
Sharon Prendergast, Branch Treasurer, Disability officer, Northampton CLP, UNISON
Lisa Thornton, Northampton CLP
Beverley Cottrell, South Cambs CLP, UNITE
Andrew Moor, Darlington CLP
Gemma Short, Haringey Momentum
Deborah Twigger, Huddersfield CLP
Alena Ivanova, Tower Hamlets CLP, UNITE
Paul Sumner, GMB
Joseph Nicol, Portsmouth South CLP, UNISON
Julie O’maley, Glastonbury CLP
Karen Buckley, UNISON
Jennifer Borel, Portsmouth CLP
Sid Ronayne CLP, UNISON
Sam Slack CLP, GMB
Lorraine Webster, South Milton Keynes CLP
Dave Harding, Hull East CLP, UNISON
Jane Dumelow, Ashfield CLP, UNISON
Andrew Siddons, UNITE
Sacha Ismail, Lewisham Momentum secretary, expelled member of Lewisham East CLP
Thomas Gort, UNISON
Dean Ryan, Islington Unison Shop Steward, UNISON
Rita Humphries, Easington CLP, UNISON
Elizabeth Jones, Maldon CLP
Matt, Hayes and Harlington CLP, UNISON
John Ladlow,  UNITE
Jacqui Brown, Hampstead & Kilburn CLP, UNISON
Karen Springer, Derbyshire Disabled People Against Cuts., Derbyshire Momentum, Community
Alasdair Clark, Edinburgh Central CLP, UNITE
Julie Finnegan, Oldham East & Saddleworth CLP, UNISON
Graeme Russell Kemp, Wrekin CLP
Liam Mcnulty, Chair, Noel Park Branch Labour Party, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, UNITE
Sandra Wyman, Leeds NE CLP, NUM
Christopher Richardson, Nottingham South CLP, UNITE
Sam Doherty, Manchester Gorton CLP, UNISON
Ruby, North West Leeds CLP, UNISON
Liam Murphy, Manchester Gorton CLP
Patrick Fleming, Croydon North CLP, UNITE
Victoria Nichol, UNISON
Burton Urquhart, Northampton CLP
Peter Lazenby, NUJ, Calder valley CLP
James Doran, Darlington CLP, UNITE
Andrew O Brien, Lewisham West & Penge CLP, UNISON
George Binette, Branch Secretary, Camden UNISON, Chair, Camden Trades Council, Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
Richie Hughes, Stoke-on-Trent South CLP, UNITE
Gerry Byrne, Tynemouth CLP
Gina Biehn, Basingstoke CLP, UNITE
Liz Taylor, UNISON
Barbara Pearson, UNISON
Josh Chown, Chair, Surrey Labour Students, Youth Officer, Guildford CLP, UNITE
Alex Rhides, Merseyside/Liverpool CLP, FBU
Noeleen Beattie, UNISON
Helen Cook, UNISON
Clodagh Teasdale, UNISON
Catherine Dawson, Durham CLP, UNISON
Margaret Sherriff, UNISON
Sally Bowler, UNISON
Megan Charlton, North West Durham CLP, UNISON
Richie Hughes, Stoke-on-Trent CLP, UNITE
Tim Pickup, Nottingham CLP
Victoria Jaquiss, Leeds CLP, MU
Paul S,  Broxtowe CLP, UNISON
Kristian Ravnkilde, Broxtowe
Helen Annand, Dover & Deal, UNISON
Isobel Urquhart, Harlow
Dave Clarke, Barking CLP, UNISON
Daniel Randall, RMT Bakerloo Line branch vice chair, Islington Momentum, TSSA
Liam Conway, Secretary, Notts Trades Council, Notts Momentum, Unite


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