PCS Momentum resolution on situation in Momentum

PCS Momentum was founded by activists in the civil service workers’ union in January 2016 and held a well-attended fringe meeting at PCS national conference in May. Since then activists have continued to organise. At their meeting on 4 February they unanimously passed the following motion.

For a democratic, campaigning, socialist Momentum – which can transform Labour

We are saddened by the anti-democratic coup carried out by six members of the national Momentum Steering Committee, seeking to uproot what democracy exists and impose an undemocratic constitution by diktat. This evidently pre-prepared plan was put to the SC suddenly and “agreed” in an online vote by 6 votes to 4 in less than an hour then immediately announced (10 January), without even pretending to consult Momentum’s local groups, regional networks or trade union affiliates.

We believe the great majority of members, whatever their views on the shape of national structures, aspire to a democratic organisation in which those who make decisions are accountable. There is a minority, entrenched at the national centre of Momentum, who seem determined to prevent the consolidation of a functioning democracy of any sort, whatever the costs to the organisation and the movement.

We want a democratic Momentum, led by its activists, which debates and develops socialist policies as part of organising and mobilising to *transform Labour and the labour movement*. We need an end to bureaucratic manipulation from above, which has wasted so much time, energy and good will that should be used for productive work.

We urge comrades not to resign or drift out in disgust. We will

1. Coordinate with others in Momentum to fight for democracy and socialist policies.
2. Call for Momentum to implement its democratically agreed national policies on issues including migrants’ rights and fighting unjust expulsions and suspensions from Labour
3. Welcome the NC continuing to meet
4. Endorse the conference of representatives from local groups which the NC has called for 11 March, and will elect observers to attend
5. Promote the “Grassroots Momentum – for democracy and socialism” slate standing in the elections for the National Coordinating Group created by the coup.

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