Which Momentum groups have come out against the coup and the imposed constitution?


Below is the list of Momentum groups and organisations which have come out in protest against the national Steering Committee/office’s coup against democracy in the organisation and attempt to impose an undemocratic constitution. And below that a shorter list of those which have come out in favour.

(SC) indicates a vote by a Steering Committee-type body rather than a meeting of the whole group. Sheffield Momentum is included in both lists because the votes at their meeting were essentially a draw.


Barnet Momentum
Blyth and Wansbeck Momentum
Brighton and Hove Momentum
Broxtowe Momentum
Cambridge Area Momentum
Camden Momentum
Cheshire West and Chester Momentum
Coventry Momentum
Darlington Momentum
Derbyshire Momentum
Enfield Momentum
Harrow Momentum
Hexham Momentum
Hounslow Momentum
Kirklees Momentum
Lambeth Momentum
Leicestershire Momentum
Leeds Momentum
Lewisham Momentum
Liverpool Momentum (Riverside Caucus)
Liverpool Momentum
Medway Momentum
Newham Momentum
North Tyneside Momentum
Northamptonshire Momentum
Richmond Park and Twickenham Momentum
Rotherham Momentum
Sheffield Momentum (SC)
Sheffield Momentum
South Tyneside Momentum
South East Kent Momentum
Southwark Momentum
Thanet Momentum
Tower Hamlets Momentum
Truro and Falmouth Momentum
Wandsworth Momentum
National Committee
Conference Arrangement Committee (CAC)
London LGBT+ Momentum
Northern Momentum (Regional Committee)
Yorkshire & Humber Momentum (Regional Committee)
Momentum PCS

Also Red Labour and the Labour Representation Committee (LRC), both previously Momentum-affiliates, have both condemned the coup and declined places on the “National Coordinating Group” created by the new constitution.


Calderdale Momentum
Manchester and Trafford Momentum (SC)
National Steering Committee (SC)
Sheffield Momentum
Stockport Momentum
Teesside Momentum
Youth and Student Momentum (Committee)

Thanks to Momentum Chesterfield activist Callum Salfield for compiling the list. We will update this page regularly as we get more information – at the time of first posting, three weeks after the coup, the count is something like 42-7, depending on which organisations you include.


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