Stop the Labour purge!

by Daniel Morley

Stop the Labour Purge is a campaign set up by current Labour activists and recently suspended or expelled Labour members to fight against the wholesale purge of left wing activists within the Labour Party.

Members are being expelled for reasons as silly as using swear words on social media and for being supporters of university socialist clubs and Labour supporting socialist groups like Socialist Appeal and the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty. This is being used to try to tip the balance within the party away from the hugely popular Corbyn in favour of Owen Smith and the right wing.

The campaign was launched in a public meeting on Wednesday 7th September, in which several expelled or suspended activists spoke, including Ronnie Draper, General Secretary of the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, who has since been reinstated.

The aim of the campaign is to fight against the undemocratic measures of the purge, and to win the reinstatement of those unjustly expelled.

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